• This is the Puresend Web Service API that enables clients to send emails, manage lists and messages via a web service interface.
  • This document assumes you will be using Java client code to connect with the Web Service.


  • All of Puresend’s servers use secure HTTP (HTTPS), consequently the client will need to locally install the Puresend public SSL certificate for the Web Server they are connecting to. See Setup SSL Certificate
  • Puresend Support will need to set PURESEND_WEB_SERVICE Permission for an acccount before the Web Service functionality is activated.

Connecting to Web Service

  • You can obtain the WSDL at:
    The endpoint is defined at the bottom of this WSDL document.

Sending Emails

  • In order to send an email you will need to have a List, a Message and a Job. You will then create a job and start it.