Setup SSL Certificate

Before you can make calls to the Puresend Web Service you will need to import the Puresend server's SSL certificate into your JVM keystore. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Puresend Server you will be connecting to.
  • Select the lock icon at the bottom of the browser.
    • A window will display the certificate information.
    • Find the Export certificate option and save the certificate locally.
    • Save as:
  • Go to your Java bin directory
  • Add the certificate to Java keystore (cacerts file) using the java keytool command:
    • keytool -import -alias puresend-psip -keystore <jre path>\lib\security\cacerts-file <path to saved file>
    • sudo keytool -import -alias puresend-psip -keystore <jre path>\lib\security\cacerts -file <path to saved file>